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Reconsidering Filmic Self-Referentiality in Terms of Rossi-Landian Concepts

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“Reconsidering filmic self-referentiality in terms of Rossi-Landian concepts”
Conference: The Relevance of Rossi-Landi’s Semiotics Today (14-16 November 2002; Università degli Studi di Bari, Dipartimento di Pratiche linguistiche e analisi di testi; Susan Petrilli (Bari, Italy)

“Reconsidering Filmic Self-Referentiality in Terms of Rossi-Landian Concepts”.
In: Petrilli, Susan (ed.)(2004). Lavoro immateriale (= Athanor – arte, letteratura, semiotica, filosofia. 7). Roma: Meltemi, 325-335

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