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‘All witches are taught to believe in signs.’ [TBoL: 565] – Signs and language used by supernatural beings in books and television shows””.

In: Paschalides, Gregory (ed.) [to appear (2023)]. Proceedings of the 15th World Congress of the International Association for Semiotic Studies IASS/AIS, Thessaloniki, 2022.
Prepublication: paper + presentation:

Magie – Hexenkünste – Zauberei. Was könnte einen Semiotiker daran interessieren? Friedrich Lachmayer zum Geburtstag”.

In: Schefbeck, Günther (ed.) [to appear (2023)]. Festschrift für Friedrich Lachmayer. Bern: Editions Weblaw

Witches in Television: Magic – Nature – Body”.

Text to a lecture in German, 2 November 2021, Verband feministischer Wissenschafterinnen, Depot Wien

From Buffy to A Discovery of Witches. Semiotic Considerations on Vampires, Witches, & Preternatural Phenomena in Literature and Television“ [Plenary Lecture].

In: Martínez Mendoza, Rolando & José Luis Petris (eds.), Gastón Cingolani, Oscar Steimberg, Oscar Traversa (coord.) (2020). Actas Buenos Aires. 14° Congreso Mundial de Semiótica: Trayectorias / Proceedings of the 14th World Congress of the International Association for Semiotic Studies-IASS/AIS. Tomo 8 : Conferencias plenarias. 1a ed edición multilingüe. Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires: Libros de Crítica, Área Transdepartamental de Crítica de Artes. Libro digital, PDF,
ISBN 978-987-47805-7-7 // [DOI: 10.24308/IASS-2019-8-032]
download pdf proceedings (incl. ppt-presentation):
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[lecture paper + ppt-presentation: GWithalm_14thIASS-20190909.pdf]

‘Tom’s Gone. He Left the Film’. When Film Characters From Both Sides of the Screen Start to Interact”.

In: Martinelli, Dario (ed.). Proceedings of the 13th IASS-AIS World Congress of Semiotics, Kaunas, 26-30 June 2017.Kaunas: IASS Publications & International Semiotics Institute 2018, 808–815.
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[download pre-pub + ppt-presentation]

Sigrid Schmid-Bortenschlager”.

In: Korotin, Ilse & Nastasja Stupicki (eds.). Biografien bedeutender österreichischer Wissenschafterinnen. „Die Neugier treibt mich, Fragen zu stellen“. Wien-Köln-Weimar: Böhlau 2018, 760–772
Web online (download book): OpenAccess@Böhlau

Revelio! A (Socio-)Semiotic Reading of the Harry Potter Saga” [pdf download includes original PowerPoint]

In: Bankov, Kristian (ed). New Semiotics. Between Tradition and Innovation. Proceedings of the 12th World Congress of Semiotics. Sofia: IASS Publications & NBU Publishing House 2016,
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Web online (html proceedings): (ISSN 2414-6862)

An Overview on Semiotic Activities in Austria and Jeff Bernard’s Role in the Semiotic Community”.

In: Our World: A Kaleidoscopic Semiotic Network. Proceedings of the 11th World Congress of the IASS/AIS, Nanjing Normal University, 5–9 October 2012, Vol. 3. Nanjing: Hohai University Press 2014, 239–261
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pre-publication: Withalm 2012/2014
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Filmic Communication on Controlling Film Culture: The Presentation of Movie Censorship within a Movie”.

In: Cantero, Pilar Couto, Gonzalo Enríquez Veloso, Alberta Passeri & José María Paz Gago (eds.). Culture of Communication, Communication of Culture. Proceedings of the 10th World Congress of the International Association for Semiotic Studies IASS-AIS, La Coruña, 22-26 September 2009. A Coruña: Universidade da Coruña/Servizo de Publicacións, 2133–2145
DVD: Mi%20disco://works/Withalm,%20Gloria.pdf
Web online (pdf proceedings, my paper + ppt-presentation):
Web online (pdf proceedings book): htttp://

From Il nome della rosa back to ‘The Abbey of the Crime’? Texts by Umberto Eco and Jean-Jacques Annaud – a Comparison”.

In: Petrilli, Susan (ed.). Approaches to Communication. Trends in in Global Communication Studies. Madison WI: Atwood Publishing 2008, 347-370

Le film dans le film. Un modèle socio-sémiotique d’autoréferentialité filmique”.

In: Louis Panier & Bernard Lamizet (eds.). Signs of the World. Interculturality and Globalization. Proceedings of the 8th Congress of the IASS-AIS, Lyon 2004 / Les signes du monde – Interculturalité et globalisation. Lyon 2007, DVD: WITHALM_pdf_20061109071118

Media Semiotics – an Overview”.

Paper presented at “Media Semiotics Today – Mediensemiotik heute“. 9th Austrian-Hungarian Semio-Philosophical Colloquium/9. Österreichisch-Ungarisches Semio-Philosophisches Kolloquium. Dunabogdány, Hungary, October 30–31, 2004

Reconsidering Filmic Self-Referentiality in Terms of Rossi-Landian Concepts”.

In: Petrilli, Susan (ed.)(2004). Lavoro immateriale (= Athanor – arte, letteratura, semiotica, filosofia. 7). Roma: Meltemi, 325-335

Recycling Dorothy, Dinosaurs, and Dead Actors. Digi-Textuality in the TV-Commercials of the 1990s”.

Semiotische Berichte 27(1-4)2003, pp. 297-315
[= Bernard, Jeff & Gloria Withalm (eds.). Medien alt und neu. 8. Österreichisch-Ungarisches Semio-Philosophisches Kolloquium, Györ 2002 / Media old and new. 8th Austro-Hungarian Semio-Philosophical Colloquium]

Commercial intertextuality”.

In: Petrilli, Susan & Patrizia Calefato (eds.) (2003). Logica, dialogica, ideologica. I segni tra funzionalità ed eccedenza. Milano: Mimesis 2003, 425-435

Reflexive Commercials, oder: ‘I didn’t know Shaq could ride a horse’”.

Semiotische Berichte 26(1-4)2002, pp. 233-253
[= Bernard, Jeff, Peter Grzybek & Gloria Withalm (eds.). Form – Struktur – Komposition. Pragmatik & Rezeption / Form – Structure – Composition. Pragmatics & Reception. Kongressakten/Proceedings Offene Grenzen/Open Borders 2001]

‘You turned off the whole movie!’ – Types of Self-reflexive Discourse in Film”.

In: Tasca, Norma (éd.) (in preparation). Perception et conscience de soi dans les arts et les sciences. (= Cruzeiro Semiotico). Porto

From Ai no corridato Zombie: The dead body on the screen”.

In: Gimate-Welsh, Adrián (ed.) (1999). La Semiótica. Intersección entre la Naturaleza y la Cultura – Semiotics Bridging Nature and Culture – La Sémiotique: Carrefour de la nature et de la culture. Proceedings of the 6th Congress of the International Association for Semiotic Studies, Guadalajara 1997. CD-ROM

Der Blick des Films auf Film und Kino. Selbstreferentialität und Selbstreflexivität im Überblick”.

In: Latzer, Michael (Hg.) (1999). Die Zukunft der Kommunikation. Phänomene und Trends in der Informationsgesellschaft. Innsbruck-Wien: Studien-Verlag, pp. 147-160

The Same Dress – Another Character. Costume as a Self-Referential Device in Movies”.

In: Tasca, Norma (ed.) (1995). Ensaios em homagem a / Essays in Honor of Thomas A. Sebeok (= Cruzeiro Semiotico 22-25), pp. 225-232

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